A. Guidelines and initial requirements:

  1. Maximum loanable amount is 90% of the Market Value (Dealer’s Price). The remaining 10% will serve as Equity, to be shouldered by the member/borrower, and must be paid upon granting of the loan.
  2. Interest is 10% per annum (diminishing computation), payable up to 5 years.
  3. Maximum loanable amount is P3M.
  4. Charges:
    1. All processing of documents such as chattel mortgage and annotation will be charged to the member/borrower.
    2. Service Charge is fixed at P3, 000.00.
    3. Loan Guarantee Fund will also be collected (1% of the loan amount).
  5. Proceeds if approved will be in check, payable to the Car Dealer.
  6. Payable thru Post Dated Checks or Salary Deduction.

B. Eligibility:

  1. At least 6 months Coop member
  2. With at least P100k shares.

C. Documents Required:

  1. Fully filled-up JFC COOP Loan Form
  2. Buyer Information Sheet
  3. 2 latest payslips
  4. Photocopy of Company ID, front and back
  5. Any Government-issued ID
  6. Chattel Mortgage
  7. Comprehensive Insurance in favor of JFC COOP

D. Forms



JFC VanRental Brochure-InsideSpread