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Aside from other loan products, JFC Coop also offers Pre-need products to its members to promote awareness and preparedness in time of unforeseen events.
Types of Pre-need Products
1. St. Peter Life Plans (Memorial Service)
2. Columbarium
3. Non Life Insurance
a. Fire Insurance
b. Motor car Insurance

1. St. Peter Traditional Life Plans

These are anti-inflationary plans that guarantee your choice of a lifetime Memorial Service Package. Complete with value-added insurance coverage, transferable, assignable, and available at easy installment payments and return of premium. St. Peter Traditional Life Plans provide outstanding Death Care Services at very affordable prices.




JFC Coop gives 14% discount on cash payment and offers a very flexible mode of payment with cheaper monthly amortization as compared to market

2. Columbarium – St. Therese

Located at the ground floor of the Shrine of St. Therese, the St. Therese Columbarium is a breath of fresh air for those who seek privacy and comfort with their family and friends. It is the most ideal sanctuary for the reflection and remembrance of departed loved ones.

JFC Coop gives more than 50% Discount to members on the selling price as compared to market.

LA CHAPELLE DES ROSES 124,543.83 60,000.00

Features and Amenities

All vaults in air-conditioned. One vault can accommodate four (4) regular – size urns.

The columbarium features a spacious reception area where clients and guests can converge.

Remembering Chapel
The remembering Chapel offers a place for private masses and solemn prayer. It can accommodate up to 180 people.

Ecclesiastical Museum
The Ecclesiastical Museum houses artwork on the life and spirituality of St. Therese.

Parking Area
There are more than 150 slots available in the basement of the Shrine and Columbarium.

The Columbarium has 24-hour security. CCTV cameras and a security access system are installed to ensure maximum safety and security of clients.

Trust Fund
St. Therese Columbarium has an established Perpetual Care Fund assuring vault owners of no added fees for maintenance.

3. Non Life Insurance

a. Fire Insurance is a protection against direct loss or damage to property by fire or lightning. Added protection for other allied perils like earthquake, typhoon, and flood, may also be included.Basis of Sum Insured

  • Actual Cash Value
  • Replacement Value

Who may be insured?

  • Absolute or registered owner of property
  • Part-owner or joint owner of property
  • Mortgagor or mortgagee
  • Lessor or lessee or
  • Bailee – to whom the property is entrusted

There are various types of coverage

  1. Standard Fire Policy – covers the peril of the fire and / or lightning (basic coverage)
    • Buildings (completed or under construction)
    • Contents
  2. Special Allied Perils Insurance – perils that are customarily excluded in the Standard Fire Policy but may be availed or through additional premium. They may be also known as extra allied perils, Special perils, Extraneous Perils or simply as Other Perils.
    1. Earthquake fire & shock
    2. Typhoon and / or flood
    3. Extended coverage Endorsement (EC)

b. Motor Car insurance is a protection against loss of life, bodily injury, or damage to property, sustained by the driver as well as by any third party or passengers, from accidents involving a variety of motor vehicles effected on an unnamed driver and third party or passenger basis so that anyone involved in a vehicular accident shall receive the benefits based on the plan.Said benefits are payable in addition to whatever other benefits the third party or passenger may be entitled to from his other insurance (s).

Basic Coverage of the Motor Car Insurance Policy

Section 1. Liability to the Public or Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL)
Section 2. No Fault Indemnity
Section 3. Loss or Damage (OD)
Section 4. Excess Liability Insurance Insurance

  • Bodily Injury (BI)
  • Property Damage (PD)

For Pre-need products, please email:
or call (02) 588-3000 loc. 7473 / 0998-5629840