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How It All Started – Jollibee Foods Corporation Employees’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative

How It All Started

History / Milestones

JFC-COOP started its operations on April 19, 1988. This was registered and founded by 15 Incorporators (all employees of Jollibee Foods Corporation) as JFC Employees’ Consumers Cooperative, Inc., with its Head Office located at Culmat Bldg., E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City.

The coop started with the primary purpose of helping members augment their income with the daily expenses that they incur, by lending small loans, and at the same time selling consumer items and groceries.


The idea of putting up a Cooperative within the company was conceptualized, thus, the JFC – ECCI (Jollibee Foods Corporation – Employees’ Consumers Cooperative, Inc.) was formed.

April 18, 1988 – the Jollibee Foods Corporation – Employees’ Consumers Cooperative, Inc. was registered to the Cooperative Development Authority.

1988 – 1991

– During its 3rd General Assembly, the BOD reported, for the first time since its Incorporation, that the COOP registered a positive net income

– Issued its first Stock Certificates to the members

– The COOP changed its name from Jollibee Foods Employees’ Consumer’s Cooperative to Jollibee Foods Employees’ Multi Purpose Cooperative

1998 – 2000

– The COOP launched new loan products, like the JED Motorcycle Acquisition Program, Tulong sa Hanap Buhay Program, Housing Loan, and the COOP Housing Equity

– A savings facility the COOP Premium Fund Program (to be later called Premium Savings Fund)

– First time that the COOP conducted a Business Planning Seminar to assist members in the preparation of a Business Plan as one of the requirements in applying for a livelihood loan

– This period registered the COOP’s highest growth of Total Assets in terms of percentage, which increased by 59% from P11M in 1998 to P27M in 1999.


– Greenwich and Chowking were made part of the JFC-Coop Family

– JFC – Coop held its first ever Coop Planning together with the BOD and Management Staff. During this meeting, they were able to formulate the COOP’s Vision/Mission, and the path that the BOD would like the COOP to pursue. They also tackled everything about membership, COOP financial statements, and the proposed amendments of Articles and By-Laws.


– Delifrance joined the growing network of JFC – Coop Family

– Operations were computerized, adopting a system that made the Coop transactions faster and more efficient.

– The Coop successfully made its first ever ‘Fund Transfer’ Transaction, wherein proceeds of the loan availed by the member were transferred to their payroll account via electronic transfer.

– Total Deposits in the form of Member’s Savings went up by 40%, from P12.3M in 2001, to P20.5M in 2002

– Total Member’s Capital Share almost doubled, with P23.2M in 2001, to P40.4M in 2002, or an increase of 43%.

– Total Assets increased by 32% from P57M in 2001 to P84M in 2002.


– The COOP marked its 15th Anniversary highlighted by different activities, such as trade fair, fun walk, livelihood seminars, and Star Search.

– Staged a Graduation Party for 23 children sponsored by the COOP in its supplemental Feeding Program, in line with COOP’s thrust to assist charitable causes, utilizing earnings from fund raising activities that members wholeheartedly support.

– The COOP welcomed Franchises to be members of its organization.

– The COOP has been given the honor of being named as one of the Ten Best Performing Cooperatives in Pasig City for 2003 out of about 80 cooperatives registered in the city. Our Coop is distinguished as one of the best in terms of membership generation, share capital build-up, savings mobilization, and community outreach programs. The award was given on the occasion of the Cooperative Recognition and Awards Night of the City of Pasig last November 12, 2003 in Pasig City Hall

– COOP’s total asset reached the P100M mark.


– TheCOOP helped fund the Patricia Mae Sarmiento’s liver transplant, as part of its social responsibility

– Opportunity loan was launched

– The COOP strengthened its funds by campaigning intensively for savings from its members, thus resulting to added resources for the COOP

– Hailed as the Top Coop Performer in terms of Volume of Business by Pasig City Cooperative Development Council and Samahang Kooperatiba sa Pasig

– It was during the last quarter of 2004 that the Chicken sales was introduced to the members

– Savings increased by 53%, from P27.8M from 2003, to P59.6M in the year 2004.


– The COOP conducted Series of Business & Investment seminars designed to orient Coop members on the fundamentals of business and financial investment and get briefed on actual investment option around that were discussed lecturers and resource persons form private companies.

– Conducted a Mini-Fair to showcase lower priced goods and services from different companies for selling to both members and non-members

– Awarded as the Outstanding Multi – Purpose Cooperative – Institutional Type, Large Category (Cooperative Development Authority)

– Cited as Huwarang COOP ng Pasig (Pasig City Cooperative Development Council)

– The Coop re-launched its Vehicle Loan to members

– A drastic increase of 36% in Total assets took place, from P147M during year 2004, to P230M in 2005

– An increase in Member’s Deposits saw the Savings increase by 42%, brought about by continued campaign for the members to save and invest their excess funds to COOP.


– Coop stretched its wings by conducting Coop Trade Fair to different areas, such as:

– Auto Trade Show, generated sales of P5.9M

– Cebu Caravan, P3.4M

– Union General Assembly, P1.7M

– Zenith Fun Day, P0.60M

– RBU North Luzon Sales Rally, P2.2M

– RBU Mega Manila Sales Rally, P1.2M

– The COOP also conducted caravans during South Luzon Olympics, Cebu General Assembly, Enchanted Kingdom Family Fun Day, & Cagayan De oro Jollibee Convention.

– Re-launching of housing loan, which may be availed to finance purchase of lot, house and lot packages, construction of house on own lot, refinancing of existing housing loan from banks and government agencies.

– During the Cooperative Recognition Day, JFC Coop received the HALL OF FAME AWARD, for being a consistent Outstanding Cooperative from year 2003 – 2005.
– During this month, the COOP Management and Staff held its first ever Team Building Activity, aimed to motivate the staff to enhance communication, as well as clarify and resolve conflicts, define team values and norms, build trust towards the setting of missions and goals for 2007 and for better management of JFC – COOP.


– The COOP held a Franchise meeting to discuss issues and concerns by the Franchise members, and to update on COOP matters.

– The COOP conducted General Assembly from different parts of the country, highlighted by the highest record of GA attendees held at the Jollibee Main Office. A record number of 1,300 participants graced the said event.

– General Assemblies were also held at different areas, such as Laguna, Bulacan, Tarlac, Alabang, Davao, & Cebu. Coop Caravans were also set-up during General Assembly meetings in Cebu and Davao.

– Part of the visits made by the BOD to Cebu and Davao was the Lakbay Aral to Cooperatives in those areas.

– The COOP participated in the 2007 Metro Manila Cooperative Convention held at the Manila Hotel.

– The First ever Ms. Coop Pageant was held at the 32nd Floor of the Jollibee Plaza. The said event was participated in by delegates from Jollibee, Chowking, and Delifrance. The winner of this event, Ms. Clarina Ayeras of Delifrance, represented the JFC – COOP to the Ms. COOP ng Pasig Pageant held at Pasig City Convention Center last November 2007, and bagged the First Runner-up award (Ms. Cooperation).

– Total Assets reached the P280M mark or an increase of 10%, with the total Member’s Capital Share reaching P111.30M, from P78.7M the previous year, an increase of 29%.

– Introduction of CHISTMAS CASH GIFT of P 500.

– Launch of SM Credit Card.

– Comprehensive Annual Report was released for the 1st time.

– Transfer of head office from an apartment in Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig to 17th Floor Jollibee Plaza.

– New JFC Coop Organizational Structure.

– Awarded as Most Outstanding Cooperatives


– Reduce portfolio risk, have implemented improvements in Credit Policies such as: Changes on Credit Limit, Co-maker on guaranteeing loans and loans balances offsetting

– Introduced new scheme on Housng Loan which termed HELP “Housing Equity Loan Program”.

– CHRISTMAS LOAN for members BAON during the long Christmas vacation

– Medium termed deposits at 8% interest rate and 5 year termed was also opened to support the HELP budget.

– JFC Coop achieved their membership target growth average 80% from all companies.

– Year 2008 is also a year of active participation from all members from different Business Units especially during the 20th year Anniversary in Mega Trade Hall, in Mega Mall.

– Opened Scholarship Program (for Regular and Associate members) to help them to finished college.

– Purchased 14 units of One Capitol Condominium at pre developed price

– Start conducting Employee Sale

– Revised Loan Portfolio (From “deducted-on” to “add-on” interest mode).


– Dividend for 2009 at 9.12% better than 2008 of 8.47%.

– JFC coop had bought a Brand new Toyota Hi Ace Grandia and a 140 square meter Unit in Jollibee Plaza (JFC Coop Office).

– Put a cap on share capital contributions, limiting up to maximum of Php 100,000 and treating the excess as special deposits. An assured rate of 7% is being given to all regular members and maintaining the 6% rates to the fixed savings of associate members.

– Loan Porfolio increased by 10.5% supported by the new loan, offered RELP (Real Estate Investment Loan), Christmas loan

– Release a Php 3 million interest free to the members affected by recent typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.

– Deo Leor Executive Village purchased 27 lots and sold 26 lots for a span of two months.

– Purchased 11 Units in Casa San Miguel

– Strengthen Education Committee

– Conduct Livelihood Programs in all SBU’s

– Conduct Electronic Raffle during Coop Month Celebration

– Investment in Tagaytay lots (Deo Lour Executive Village).


– Election Committee accomplished to facilitate Election 2009 by re-activating and enhancing Electronic Voting System (nation wide election for JFC Coop) and enhancing JFC Coop website.

– Second Batch of Deo Leor Executive Village lots freely sold

– Special G.A for: Financing Jollibee Condo Corp Generator set Project and funding of Housing Program

– SAKOP and PCCDC Affiliation

– Participated in Coop month celebration, National Congress, National Coop Summit and Medical Mission

– Opening other products that will benefit our members and gave favorable return such as: Memorial Services and Insurances

– Conduct more livelihood program and training in all SBU’s

– Reaching out members outside main office by intensively conducting activities and launching JFC Coop product and services in different areas.

– 18% increase in Loan volume.

– Well-capitalized Cooperative with a net worth total asset ratio of 55%.

– Liquidity rate at 61%.

– Best performing Cooperative in Pasig City and Hall of Fame Awardee.

– Sixty (60) Scholars in 2010.

– Raffled one (1) unit of Casa San Miguel during GA.


– Final turn-over of ONE CAPITOL Condominium.

– 1st JFC COOP GOT TALENT in 2011.


– Members started occupying JFC Coop’s Casa San Miguel as their new home.

– Construction started at JFC Coop’s very own – COOP HOMES in Pasig.

– One Capitol fully sold all 14 units and occupied by the members.

– 99% of Tagaytay lots fully sold by 2012.

– COOP PESOS rating at 87%.

– Offered special loan promos at lower interest rate of 9%.

– JFC Coop Got Talent Season 2

2013: The Silver Year

– JFC Coop celebrated its 25th Year Anniversary at the Crowne Plaza Hotel which were highly participated by our members.

– Recognized members who have stayed in the Cooperative for the past 25 years.

– Recognized the original incorporators including the Board of Directors and Officers.

– Recognized all past Chairman of the Cooperative.

– Crafted the new JFC Coop Mission and Vision.

– We have doubled our assets in just 5 years from P 287M in 2008 to P 551M in 2013.

– Deposit build-up rose to 193%.

– Volume of business has grown to 61.5%.

– Doubled our net surplus from P 22M in 2008 to P 41.7M in 2013.

– Operational self-sufficiency ratio standing from 180% to 220%.

– Included in the TOP 20 Cooperatives in the National Capital Region and Top 50 in the National level.

– 6 out of 11 units of RFO Coop Homes were sold by end of Q4.

– Purchased one (1) floor consisting of 21 units Students’ Pad in FORBES HALL.

– Acquired 10 units Townhouse at St. Jude Homes in Bacoor, Cavite.

– New extension office in Jollibee Plaza.

– Creation of new Operations unit.

– Most outstanding Cooperative in Pasig City.

– Total scholars reached 80 wherein 35 graduated in College.

– “Member’s Night” concert with Reymond Sajor, Cathy Go, and James Blanco.

– Sponsored SAKOP’s “The Small Brother and Big Brother” program.

– Sponsored PCCDC and CDA-joint community projects and programs.

2014: Our Banner Year

– January 2014 saw the birth of the Diminishing Interest Rates and New Loan portfolio.

– JFC Coop’s new Mission and Vision, Code of Ethics, Election Rules, New Board Composition, and Code of Good Governance were approved during the General Assembly.

– Double-digit dividend rates were achieved.

– More than double Gross Revenues from P 34.3M in 2008 to P 76.5M in 2014 or 123% increase.

– Increased member’s participation in savings at 82.9% versus standard of 70%.

– Members who availed SILP (Stock Investment Loan Program) doubled their return on investment.

– Assets now nearing to a BILLION-mark.

– Appointed new board members from Burger King and Mang Inasal.

– Majority of the Coop Homes units has been sold and occupied by the owner-member.

– Reached 107 target scholars in 2014.

– Launching of the new JFC COOP Logo.

– Sponsored CDA’s special screening of “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” as kick-off celebration of the Philippine Cooperative Centennial Year 1915-2015.

– Sold 75 Lots for future housing and has total housing units of 84.

– Acquired additional vehicle –STAREX.

– 1st Team Building outside Metro Manila in preparation of JFC COOP’s “going to the next level”.



JFC COOP achieved substantial profits as we have increased our Volume of Business from P388.5M in 2014 to P449.3M, an increase of 16%.

Total Membership is 7,587 or an 8% increase versus last year of 6,996 members.

Members’ Equity and Deposits up by 19% from previous year.

Launch of new JFC COOP Logo.

Strengthening of Coop’s 4 Pillars namely: Sustainable Business Growth and Financial Soundness, Members’ Pride & Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency, and Organizational Strength.

Successful conduct of JFC COOP GOT TALENT SEASON 5 with Betong Sumaya as host and with Reymond Sajor, Cheche Tolentino, and Hiro Peralta as judges among others.

Launch of new JFC Coop Website

Launch of Plans and Phones Madness

Participation in CDA’s “Show of Force”.

Conducted outreach in Sta Rosa, Nueva Ecija to assist residents affected by the flood.

Most Outstanding Cooperative – Large Category (Institutional Based), Pasig City Cooperative Development Office (CDO)

2nd Place Most Outstanding Cooperative, Large Category (Institutional), Cooperative Development Authority (CDA Manila Extension Office)


Assets nearing to P1B increased by 21% coming from P751.5M in 2015 to P912.7M this 2016. This is brought about by volume increase on Multi-purpose Loan and Housing Loan, Investment on Financial Assets and acquisitions of new Housing Projects.

The ratification and implementation of MIGS (Member In Good Standing) Rating effective April 1, 2016.

Launch of Birthday Cash Gift starting January 1, 2016. Granted a total of P2.81M by end of 2016.

Partnered with the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education of the University of the Philippines (UP-NISMED) and sponsored thirty (30) teachers of Palatiw Elementary School in Pasig City to a special training program in Mathematics.

Partnered with JOLLIBEE GROUP FOUNDATION (JGF) to support selected farmers from North Luzon, South Luzon, and Cebu to sell their excess produce through the “FARMERS MARKET CARAVAN” held in March and December 2016.

Produced 115 scholars from 2008 to December 2016.

Record breaking attendance during JFC Coop Got Talent Season 6 Grand Showdown with RJ Agustin, Tammy Brown, and Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor as judges.

First ever FRANCHISEE’S CONFERENCE held in September 2016.

Successful conduct of 1st JFC COOP BOWLING TOURNAMENT which were participated by members from different SBU’s held at the Coronado Lanes.

BEST COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE – Large Category (Institutional Based), Winner, Pasig City Cooperative Development Office (CDO)

Most Outstanding Cooperative, Large Category (Institutional), Nominee, Cooperative Development Authority (CDA Manila Extension Office)


Purchased 1 floor at the ADB TOWERS (26th Floor) consisting of 30 units which were sold to members under the Real Estate Loan.

Launch of Travel Loan last July 17, 2017.

Launch of E-Caravan (Shop via Email) last August 1, 2017 with Metro Computers, Moduvi, Innovatronix, Gourmet Farms, MOC Online, and Iridium Technologies as partners.

Reached P1 Billion in terms of assets last June 30, 2017

Donated P 300,000 to Jollibee Group Foundation’s #SharingJoy project in support of the rehabilitation of the Children of Marawi last November 29, 2017.

Acquisition of HRMAX – Comprehensive Human Capital Management System.

Launch of COOP CARES.

Successful conduct of the 2nd JFC COOP Bowling Tournament held at the Coronado Lanes.

Active participation in all activities conducted by the Pasig City Cooperative Development Council (PCCDC) including the 1st Pasig City Cooperative Congress last October.